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Automatic Golf Putter Cup - Golf Putting Practice Hole Putting

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  • ✔️Get Better, Faster : Start rolling a perfect putt in a shorter time with less hassle. This continuous ball return saves the walk for re-setting, allowing for an uninterrupted and more focused practice.
  • ✔️Train Anytime, Anywhere : All you need is a flat surface..and it’s golf time! Made with premium durable plastic, this portable & compact golf aid is 10% lighter and smaller than the standard.
  • ✔️NEW DESIGN: To keep your putting consistent in practice and on the real green, it provides a simulated green surface provides a realistic roll, Battery powered ball return for rapid practice
  • ✔️No Wires Attached : 100% battery operated, this automatic golf cup lets you practice indoors AND outdoors- without having to worry about a power source. (Batteries not included)
  • ✔️Perfect for Gifts : If you know a golfer who can’t go a weekend without grabbing their clubs, help them up their game by improving accuracy and distance control with a golf gear.
  • ✔️Enjoy With Others : Escape your home or office to turn serious practices into a fun activity. You can bring it along when you travel or take it to parties to spend time with others doing something you love.