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Foldable Kayak Wind Sail

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Color - Green

Foldable Kayak Wind Paddle

This Kayak Sail will impress you. It is lightweight, foldable and portable. Target boat -Solo rec. boat to Touring kayak, SOT 8 -15 feet.Target wind range - 4 to 13 knots. Now you have more power to help you in lighter winds, and the flattering cut allows for a more stable sail and easier across-the-wind sailing.

This kayak sail is crafted by high-quality material which is durable and strong. 

Easy to Set up and deploy quickly.

Straps and Clips enable you to control the movement. 

Protect: It also can protect you from UV radiation, compatible with kayaks, canoes, inflatable boats, etc. 

  • Well crafted by high-quality material which is durable, sturdy and strong.
  • Compact design, easy to set up and deploy quickly. Clear window enables you to view things behind sail.
  • Can effectively weaken ultraviolet radiation, so that protect you from hot sun.
  • Easy to use, hold the clips to keep kayak go forward, and just lay it down to stop.
  • Suitable for kayaks, canoes, Inflatables, boats, etc.