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Inflatable Swimming pool with Slide for Kids

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Multifunctional Castle-Shape Inflatable Paddling Pool/Swimming Pool for Kids made of NONtoxic High-density Tough PVC/Play Pool

This is a multi-function pool . actually not only a pool but really a children's park:Featuring Water Spraying . Slides . Rings . & Basketball Game.It also can be a sea-ball pool . so it isJust Kids' Favorite.


  • Swimming pool 188 x 137 x 34 (cm)
  • Slide 122 x 53 x 53 (cm)

Packing List:

  • 1 pc of Inflatable Swimming Pool
  • 1 pc of Inflatable basketball
  • 4 pcs of Inflatable Rings
  • 1 Repair Kit(no liquid items like Glue which is prohibited by airlines for safety reason)
  • The pump is included


  • This product is not a life-saving product .babies andchildren need to be under the supervision of adults all the time .especially when there's water in the pool.