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Lifelike Luminous Shrimp Lures 7pcs Set

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Genius Shrimp lure with luminous bead creates life-like swimming actions in water, grabbing the attention of fish.

  • With one hook, very sharp and durable.
  • Using environmentally-friendly PVC material, reusable and long-term preserved.
  • Suitable for lure fishing and traditional fishing.
  • Suitable for different kinds of fishes that are over 2 lbs
  • Very Eye-Catching



  • Colors: 7 colors
  • Weight: 5g
  • Material: silicon
  • Length: 80mm


Ocean Boat Fishing, Ocean Rock Fishing, Ocean Beach Fishing, Lake, Reservoir Pond, River, Stream

Note: Hooks are in the right way! Because shrimp jump backward in the water. Make sure you jerk it to create jump motion