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Mini rechargeable fan

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Color - pink


1. Strong wind force and low noise
The equipment of the mini rechargeable small fan can bring strong wind while saving electricity and noise, making it more warm to use.

2. Safe to use
There is no trouble with wires, and the fan blades are made of soft PVC material to prevent hand injuries.When the fan blade is stuck, the power is automatically cut off to avoid danger.

3. Accessibility
The mini rechargeable fan not only has a pleasant appearance, exquisite and compact, but also charges the mobile phone, etc. This auxiliary function can solve the situation of the mobile phone being out of power when going out

Packing size: 200 * 35 * 45mm

Product Net Weight: 128G

Product packaging: 0.65G

Battery specifications: 2600MAH

Rated voltage: 5V

Charging current: 1A

Working time: 5-6 hours