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Portable Neck Air Conditioner Mini AC Unit Fan

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Color - Jet Black

Portable Neck Air Conditioner Mini AC Unit Fan

Enjoy cool fresh air wherever you go this summer with the Portable Neck Air Conditioner Mini AC Unit Fan! This portable air conditioner brings the great quality cooling of a portable ac unit but with the lightweight portability of a neck fan!
 This neck cooler uses rapid cooling technology to dissipate heat and bring arctic cold air to your neck. With its compact and powerful design, your mini air conditioner can bring you cooling relief in any heat and humidity! 
Don't hassle over batteries either, this neck fan is USB rechargeable so its great for portable ac outdoors, camping, home, and the office!
neck fan
Summer is for fun and relaxation, but we all know the discomfort of a hot and sweaty day! Thankfully, the neck cooler brings you a constant breeze off cold air; as our small portable air conditioner uses natural evaporation to cool you down better than a neck cooling wrap.
Don't let an ugly bulky portable mini air conditioner ruin your summer outfit! Our sleek portable ac unit comes in different colors to match your fit and personality. With its lightweight and quiet, powerful fans, your mini neck fan easily replaces larger portable air conditioners and small ac units.


Powerful Arctic Cooling: Feel the small portable air conditioner's rush of cool air from the adjustable neck fan. Guaranteed to give you instant neck cooling even during the brutal summer days.
USB Rechargeable: Simply hook up the neck air conditioner and micro USB cable to any power adapter, computer or power bank and quickly, your portable neck fan will be giving you long-lasting cooling!
Light and Stylish: Whether you stick with the classics or add a little color, the neck mini air conditioner will be comfortable, cool, and chill!