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Power Twister

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The Power Twister is an excellent home workout equipment that will easily help you strengthen your biceps, triceps, back, chest, shoulders and your overall grip.

    Full Upper Body Workout

    Chest Workout: Exercise your chest by bending inwards, similar to pectoral flys, providing resistance through your entire motion.

    Back and Shoulders Workout: Flex your back and back shoulders by squeezing towards your middle back.

    Arm Blaster: Perform curls with your biceps and forearms. Full resistance is provided all the way through unlike dumbells, giving you maximum resistance throughout the exercise.


    Build: This twister bar is built with only high-quality materials that will ensure to last this product for a very long time. The handles have a soft plastic grip for comfort, the steel composition is high grade while the springs used are made of carbon steel.

    Resistance: This power twister bar can offer up to 30 kgs. of resistance. This is perfect for beginners or athletes who need lesser resistance.

    The twister bar has a wrist support attached which will allow your workouts to be more secure and minimize any possibility of an injury.

    • Brand new and high quality
    • A power twister has handles on each end and a coiled spring in the middle
    • Ideal for working on your wrists, forearms, chest, arms and shoulders
    • Dual-spring design is not easily deformed and can prevent sliding injuries design
    • When and where you can use it and very convenient
    • Fantastic gift idea for your partner or friends

    • Product Name: POWER TWISTER
    • Material: Stainless steel spring and ABS
    • Color: black