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Table Tennis Trainer

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Train Your Table Tennis Skills Even When You’re Alone! 

If you want to improve your ping pong skills but you don’t have a partner who’s equally keen to play every day, then a good option is this Table Tennis TrainerYou can train on your own anytime and anywhere without worrying about the space needed to fit a table! 

This Table Tennis Trainer will greatly improve your prowess in table tennis.  It will also train your reaction speed and eye and hand coordination.  A fun and exciting game that makes your kids put down their smartphones and play actively!


Convenient Training Tool: Definitely easy to use and convenient for training without picking up the ball.

Relieve Eye Fagtiue: It could relieve the tension of the lens of the eyeball, ease myopia and train your dynamic vision

Play anywhere: Lightweight and portable, suitable for places like garden, park, and anywhere that you cannot fit a ping pong table. 

Test your skills: Enhance responsiveness, eye, and hand coordination ability.

 Strong and Durable: The base is made of sturdy and durable ABS plastic with suction cups that ensure it stays in place with playing. 

High Controllability: It comes with special balls that are attached to a flexible pole that returns the ball back to you. 

Easy to Install: Just screw down the ball onto the pole and you’re good to go

Fun and Entertaining: Suitable for beginner and have fun with your teams, family and friends.


Racket material: soft rubber, Wood
Shaft length: 100cm
Racket size: about 25*15cm
Base size: about 20cm*2.5cm(7.8*0.9Inch)

Package Includes:

  • 1 × Elastic Table Tennis Trainer.
  • 3 × Special training ball.
  • 2 × Racket
  • 1 × Flexible shaft 
  • 4 x Suction cups