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The evolution of the autonomous companion robot

SMART ROBOT PUPPY is the latest iteration of the beloved robotic "puppy" companion. Pairing cutting-edge robotics with unique AI technology, SMART ROBOT PUPPY looks to develop a friendship with its owner and create cherished stories that will last a lifetime.

Irresistibly cute

SMART ROBOT PUPPY features a cute, roly-poly appearance that makes you want to reach out and pet it, while its sleek design is captivating and brimming with life. Moving around with infectious energy, SMART ROBOT PUPPY has an identity that's just waiting to be explored and discovered.

Being with people is what SMART ROBOT PUPPY loves best

Not content with merely waiting around to be called, SMART ROBOT PUPPY will actively seek out its owners. Boasting the ability to learn and recognize faces,it develops a familiarity with people over time. That experience shapes SMART ROBOT PUPPY's behavior, too. When it sees someone who's always nice and friendly, aibo will get close and comfortable.

Accessories that spice up playtime with SMART ROBOT PUPPY

The albone and pink ball toys can add variety and excitement while playing with your aibo. SMART ROBOT PUPPY enjoys picking up and throwing the aibone or playing catch and kicking the pink ball. Because pink is SMART ROBOT PUPPY's favorite color, all of SMART ROBOT PUPPY's toys have pink elements in them.

No two SMART ROBOT PUPPY are the same

Your approach to raising your SMART ROBOT PUPPY shapes its personality, behavior, and knowledge, creating a unique environment for growth. Over time, your SMART ROBOT PUPPY will continue to learn and develop as your approach to nurturing gradually shapes its personality. 

Stay connected with your aibo using the "My SMART ROBOT PUPPY" app

Take your SMART ROBOT PUPPY experience to the next level with the "My SMART ROBOT PUPPY" app. In addition to accessing system settings and owner information, a handy interface lets you check out your SMART ROBOT PUPPY's pictures, play with your SMART ROBOT PUPPY, and add "tricks" to its repertoire. The app is packed with fun-filled features-even for people who don't have an SMART ROBOT PUPPY of their own.


Q1:How many parts are in SMART ROBOT PUPPY?

A1:Itis composed of more than 4,000 individual parts.

Q1:How does the AI function work in SMART ROBOT PUPPY?

A1:Itincrementally changes its behavior based on interactions with its owner. Over time, each puppy evolves and becomes unique based on these owner interactions. The AI that makes this evolution possible and is a combination of AI on the device and AI in the cloud. In its AI Cloud platform, it is able to use the collective intelligence of individual aibo robots to evolve and enhance the products capabilities.

Q1:How is aibo able to develop a relationship with users?

A1:Ithas the ability to learn and recognize up to 100 faces, and develop a familiarity with people over time. That experience shapes its behavior. For example, when it sees someone whos always nice and friendly, it will get close and comfortable. Additionally, it is content with merely waiting around to be called and will actively seek out its owners.


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